My final 2D shooter project for CAS117 


1) Added a boss fight for level 3.

2) Added a survival gameplay mode.

3) A significant change to the level select page on the main menu that takes you to the survival game as well as for instructions. 

4) Slight artistic changes to enemies for the boss fight.

Created by Justin Swinehart


Download 47 MB
Download 36 MB


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For this deliverable, we only needed a completed version of the tutorial. That said, your submission is excellent! The project as it is now will get an excellent grade when you submit it as the full version. That said, since you have time, you should try to have the best 2D shooter in the class! 

In addition, keep in mind that you must factor performance when making a scenario with as many enemies as you have spawn in survival mode. I have a very strong machine, but I lagged out of the game at a certain point.